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Build a sustainable, scalable business with...

More alignment, more integrity and more profit to top it off

Build a sustainable, scalable business with...

More alignment, more integrity and more profit to top it off

Maybe you’ve seen aligned & ambitious in one of these fancy places:
Hey! I’m Taylor

I might be the CEO, Founder and Lady In Charge, but Aligned & Ambitious is sooooo much bigger than just me. Look, you can peep the receipts.

8,000+ IG followers
27K+ podcast downloads
11.5K+ monthly visitors

Aligned & Ambitious represents a mission, belief, system, and values business owners can get behind.

Kindness. Transparency. Inclusivity. Authenticity.
Service. Balance. Grit. Self-awareness.

If you stand for all this, then you stand with us.

The possibilities are endless for us when we:

Live, work, and profit
in alignment

This means making decisions and behaving in ways that are so in integrity with what we want, what we believe in, and what we value that there’s simply no other option.

Living in alignment is where firmness meets flexibility and where heart meets a whole lotta inspired action.

We own who we are. We own what we’re here to accomplish. And we own what we desire.

Live, work and profit
with ambition

Show up. Do the work that’s required (even when it’s uncomfortable). Be willing to stake ownership over your part of the game.

Do things that have never been done before. Say things that have never been said before. Launch things that have never been seen before.

Because nobody else on Planet Earth is more responsible for your success and innovation than you are, sister friend.

Feel like a vibe you can get behind?

Welcome to the crew

We drink wine on sundays, take lotsa photos of our dogs, and never apologize for how astronomically big our goals are.

Business is a journey

Why not take one while you’re on this website?

Which direction is your compass pointing you in, beauty?

Your greatest assets are your energy and time. Use them intentionally .

- Taylor Slango

Your greatest assets are your energy and time. Use them intentionally .

- Taylor Slango

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This show was created for women who are completely unapologetic about their ambition and goals. It’s time to redefine how you create success in your life and business! This platform will empower you to create a life and business that you are obsessed with, and not settle for anything less.

Here’s a few of our most popular episodes, pulled out and ready to devour for you straight from this page:

Marketing. Energetics. All things entrepreneurship. You got it!

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Taylor Slango is the heart of soul strategy. I am beyond blessed to have Taylor in my corner. Her support, love and amazing marketing + strategy has been life-giving to myself and my business.

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