The Profitable Partnership®

A year-long playground where every dollar on your way to multiple 6-figures is regulated, aligned and rooted in having fun.

Where strategy meets intuition. Where structure meets spaciousness. Where we mix business with pleasure.

A year-long playground where every dollar on your way to multiple 6-figures is aligned, regulated & rooted in having fun.

Where strategy meets intuition.

Where structure meets spaciousness.

Where we mix business with pleasure.


"361% increase in revenue"

This partnership has been so sacred to me since we started. First and foremost, I have never felt more "at home" with the women inside of this partnership and Taylor has created a space that feels just as she named it.

We all contribute in our own ways and that is what makes it so special. I have been shifting my business in new ways and being surrounded by women who are experiencing similar things has been comforting to say the least!

Most importantly, I feel like we are all growing together as people, leaders, business owners, and women. To throw in some metrics, My business grew by 361% in the partnership.

Ariel Schiffer


"Grow in life & business"

Investing in the profitable partnership was a huge leap for me & it’s one of the best choices I have made in my journey. I felt so supported in every way possible. There are so many resources & support systems within the partnership from Taylor, her team, & the other partners that you feel so held as you grow in life & business.

I can say from the bottom of my heart that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of Taylor. If you’re thinking of joining the Profitable Partnership, do it.

Rachael Fisher


"Super powerful expander"

The partnership was a super powerful expander for me in my business. I started the partnership when I was going through some big changes in my life and it was a space of support, strategy and expansion.

If you think about being apart of the partnership I would strongly recommend it. Not only did I have access to powerful strategy with techniques I never would have come up with solo, but I had access to a powerful group of women who were scaling all the way up to 7-figures. It is true, you become the top 5 people you spend the most time with and this was the case for me. Their confidence rubbed off on me. Their standards rubbed off on me and it was so powerful for the way I ran my business.

Taylor was also the most valuable part of this container for me. She was right there with you for support and guidance in the partnership.
She would look over plans, help with mindset and respond via voxer when things felt sticky in business (which happens) and that was so supportive to me. I was yet to experience that high level of support with a coach until Taylor and I’ll be forever grateful for it.

The potency of the partnership helped me scale but also gave me the freedom to live more. I will be forever grateful and I cannot recommend it more   If you want to scale your business in a soulful way but ALSO have a life… this is for you. 

Laura Grady


"An unmatched level of support"

The Profitable Partnership and the support of Taylor, her team and the ladies inside is unmatched.

My income doubled the last year being in the partnership due to the energetic and strategic shifts I made working with Taylor.

I had a 300k launch and it was easy. I called in the most aligned students. I build an amazing funnel and set up systems that changed my business for the better!

I’m so grateful for Taylor, her coaching and the partnership. It was an absolute game changer for my business. Best decision ever.

Ashley Gordon

You’re ready to go bigger, much bigger

And you don’t want to go bigger alone.

I’m going to assume it’s safe to bet that you’ve already invested in your business before: online courses...virtual assistants...coaching programs.

But here’s the thing: your expansive vision needs an expansive container to match it.

What you’re craving is deeper than what you’ve found so far

How do you know this is the room you belong in?

Right now, you're hanging out between $7k-$15k months.

It's comfy, but your heart is calling you forward for more.

You're ready to play at the $250k-$500k/year level.

You want to multiply your impact + streams of revenue without having to work more or harder for it.

You're multi-passionate, ideas and downloads are always flowing and you need someone to help you turn your brain dumps into big money offers.

You're done with the DIY stuff that got you to where you are. You know what got you here won't get you there.

Less second guessing yourself + sugarcoating your brand, more owning your individuality and expression through your business.

Less focus on $whatever-k months, more focus on true sustainability that supports your personal life and family for years and years to come.

More shit that WORKS & feels good.

More trust. More strategy.

Feel the difference already?

Your Profitable Partnership Experience


Monthly Momentum Weeks

The biweekly call structure started feeling lifeless to me. But a week every month where we get to connect MULTIPLE times? Immersive. Energizing. Yes yes yes. Every month, we'll have a momentum week where we'll have (3) 45-minute calls on the calendar.

Quarterly 30-minute 1:1  sessions with Taylor

These potent-punchy calls are where we get SHIT DONE. This is your space, reserved exclusively for you and anything you may need extra support with. From strategy to RRT - I got you.

Group Partner Voxer 

Need a burning question answered that just can’t wait until the next session? Profitable Partners are plugged into an electric group chat that I drop into almost daily T-Th. Plug in as needed and desired with anything on your mind.


[Expiring Bonus] Ticket to in Person Event

Tentative details: location will be upstate New York in the Fall over a weekend. Travel + accommodations not included. Bonus expires in March.

Access to The Partner Network 

Your network expands your net worth. Being in this network alone will pay you back in growth opportunities, podcast invites, guest professor trainings, client referrals and beyond. When you’re surrounded by women on the multiple 6-figure track, you all have so much to offer to one another. This is where you come to give and receive.

The Entire Suite

You’re getting all Aligned & Ambitious programs, and of course anything new I launch or sell during your time as an active partner. Learning never goes out of style.