The Profitable Partnership™️ 2021 Application

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The Profitable Partnership™️ is a magical space to grow your business and this application is step one to stepping inside the magic.

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Yay! You're here. What's your name?

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Before we go any further, know that the energy brought into my coaching containers is something I take so seriously because it impacts everyone in the group.


If you're accepted into this mastermind, are you committed to doing the work necessary to maintain your own energy + alignment?


OMG, yes. Energy is huge for me too. Thank you for asking + prioritizing this.


I don't resonate with the whole alignment thing, so I can't promise this.

Question 3 of 16

Let's get down to business! Briefly tell me about your biz: what's your business model, what do you do, how do you currently work with your clients?

Question 4 of 16

Tell me 3-5 things that currently light you the fuck up in your business lately:

Question 5 of 16

Tell me 3-5 things that currently drain you in your business lately:

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What are your current gross monthly sales?







Question 7 of 16

What are your current monthly business expenses?

Question 8 of 16

Over the next 6 months with me as your mentor, what do you want your gross sales to look like monthly?







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What draws you to the Profitable Partnership + working with Taylor? Why do you want to be apart of this container specifically? 

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What's your Instagram handle?

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What time zone are you in?

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This mastermind is a safe, welcoming, inclusive space. We go deep in coaching calls and it’s important that everyone coming into this group feels safe to be fully expressed in order to achieve the highest transformation. 


Please acknowledge that this is a loving space and absolutely no discrimination, racism, ignorance or judgement will be tolerated in any way, shape or form.


I agree


I disagree + understand this disqualifies my application

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What happens in the Partnership, stays in the Partnership. The privacy of what we share and talk about inside this container is extremely important.


I agree to not share what's talked about + shared inside the mastermind.


I disagree + understand this disqualifies my application.

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On a scale from 1 to fuck yes, how ready are you to get out of your own way, start treating your business like a freaking company, and have more FUN and profit in your business?




Fuck yes!!! Can we start already?!

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If your application is accepted, you’ll have 48 hours to lock in your spot + make your deposit.


Please choose which payment plan works best for you so we can send you the proper link:


Pay in full: $17,000


6 monthly payments of $3,000


I cannot invest at this level at this time - can you send me information on something more accessible?

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Do you have any questions for me?

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