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Setting Clear Boundaries to Protect Your Energy as a Business Owner with Michelle Panning

boundaries in business

Setting clear boundaries in your business is one of the MOST important things you can do. 

It's such a struggle for a lot of women to enforce boundaries, but why? 

In this post today, you’ll learn from the boundary queen herself, Michelle Panning. Michelle is an expert on all things femininity, sex, love, relationships, money, and everything in between. We’re going to break down the idea behind setting boundaries in your business and how to communicate your needs. 

Keep reading to start learning how to protect your energy as a business owner!



Being afraid to set boundaries. 

A lot of people, particularly women, are afraid of setting boundaries. Whether it is in our relationships or businesses, we don't want to come off as mean. We don't want to be seen as rude or selfish, and this all stems from how we felt when we were younger. 

From the time we were all really young, many of us were taught that being polite and being a good girl are more important than having your own personal boundaries. The problem with that is this feeling seeps into our business & overall lives as we get older. 

If this sounds like you or you're scared of coming off the wrong way, you may be struggling with your identity big time. 

It is up to you to value your time and let your clients know what the deal is. For Michelle, when it comes to her Facebook group, members know not to message her outside of the group because it's not the level of support she's giving. It is possible to be put under pressure, but learning how to say no will protect your energy. You choose what you’re available for in your business! 



Communicating your boundaries in business. 

One of Michelle’s boundaries is that she doesn't give out free advice in her DMs. She directs them to her offers & content that are already available, like her podcast or program. Keep in mind, this isn't a marketing thing for her. She wants to serve her people, but she's not available to give free advice.  

“Feel terrified, but do it anyway.” - Michelle Panning 

If you're scared of communicating your boundaries, you're most likely just waiting to set it when you don't feel scared anymore. The truth is, there is always going to be some level of fear, but we HAVE to do it. We are giving our clients a gift when we set boundaries, even if they don’t think so. It is all intentional. 

The more you get okay with your own boundaries, the more people around you are going to be okay with it. Someone being annoyed that you've set a boundary is NOT your issue. The main idea here is respect

As a business owner, you have all the rights in the world to: 

  • Create your own rules. 
  • Live your own life.
  • Say no when you want to. 
  • Show up for what you want. 


The expectations we put on ourselves. 

If you want to have a six-, seven-, or eight-figure business, what identity are you willing to let die? Are you willing to let the nice girl, people-pleaser go? Are you willing to step into your inner queen? 

You're in total control of your own life. Remember, EVERY action has a reaction and you get to choose what action you want to take. Don’t put these super high expectations on yourself when you know you're not going to be available. 

Your clients should understand that you have a life and you have other things going on. You don't owe anyone your undivided attention 24/7. It's really important that you value your time, energy, space, and everything else around that as a business owner.


Setting Clear Boundaries to Protect Your Energy as a Business Owner with Michelle Panning: Main Takeaways

I hope learning from Michelle, the boundary queen herself, has helped you understand the importance of creating boundaries in your business and relationships. Value your time, your energy, and your space because the more you do that, the more other people are going to respect it. 

If you want to connect with Michelle and learn more about the amazing things she has to offer, be sure to follow her on Instagram here



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