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Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Your Business While on Extended Leave

extended leave

Planning to step away from your business for a while? 

Maybe you’re planning a maternity leave like me, or you're just looking to take some time off for a much-needed vacation…    

In this post, I'm going to be talking all about how you can take care of your business while on extended leave and prepare your clients & team for what's to come. Prior to entrepreneurial leave, there’s a lot of organizing, batching, and preparation that goes into your entire business; but setting up these systems for success will allow you to step back with confidence & ease.

If you’re planning on taking an extended leave, keep reading to find out my best tips and advice for running your business in your absence! 



Team support during extended leave. 

When planning my maternity leave, this was the first gap that I knew I needed to close. The team structure I had was amazing, but I needed more support through this lifestyle change and where I saw my business going. I needed to feel super confident when it came to my visions for my clients. 

I started to take note of a few things: 

  • Who is on my team? 
  • Where are there gaps? 
  • Who is responsible for what? 
  • What is everybody owning? 

After going through these four questions, I realized that I needed to hire an operations manager to help me take concepts and bring them to life. Doing so also helped to ensure nothing fell through the cracks. While on maternity leave, I won't be there to catch things when they fall, but she will. 

You really want to make sure that every single person on your team is set up for success while you're away. 



Preparing your clients for your extended leave. 

When it comes to taking an extended leave in your business, transparently communicating with your clients is key. They need to be aware of what's to come in the next couple of months. 

I also leveraged my team to make sure the back end of my business was supported so that my clients could be focused on. 

Something I planned out was for my clients to still have one-on-one sessions every month while I'm gone, just not with me. They're going to be meeting with a key member of my team who has the correct resources and ability to support. My clients were actually SUPER excited about this.  

Here are some questions I also asked my clients when planning my extended leave: 

  • What are you guys craving to learn? 
  • What do you want to tap into a bit more? 
  • What topics are inspiring you outside of my zone? 

With this, I was able to hire several guest experts to come in and meet with my clients during my absence. My business is now able to function and look a little different.

This is just one way to continue delivering impactful & powerful service to your clients while you take time away. Your clients will not miss a single beat if you set them up with this type of preparation!


Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Your Business While on Extended Leave: Main Takeaways

I hope this post helps you plan and organize your next extended leave away from your business. Making sure your team and clients are supported is the number one priority here. If you're planning on stepping away from your business, lean on these kinds of pillars, and it will make your time off really seamless. 



Thanks for reading this post! If you liked what you learned, connect with me on social too at Facebook, Instagram, or start working with me! And get ready because we’re coming in hot for 2022 with the latest CEO Mastermind. Reserve your spot today if you’re ready to scale your business to new heights in the coming year.

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