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Shifting Your Business Model: Why I Chose to Pivot Away From a Significant Revenue Stream

pivot your business model

In this episode of Aligned & Ambitious Radio, I’m getting personal and taking you behind the curtains and showing you exactly how and why I paused the CEO Mastermind program in 2021. (And good news is that it will be back in February of 2022!)



Why I Took a Step Back in 2021

I found out that I was pregnant on February 4th, 2021 and I knew as soon as I got that positive test that I had to look at my business plan for the rest of the year and potentially move some things around because one, it was my first pregnancy and I did not know what to expect and I just wanted to be prepared to be present. 

Every woman's body is so different. I didn't know if I was going to have an easy, breezy, beautiful pregnancy. I didn't know if I was going to deal with a lot of morning sickness or fatigue. I just didn't know how it was going to hit me, and the last thing that I wanted to do was over, commit myself and stretch myself too thin. And that is through the lens of obviously my own fullness and well-being, but through the lens of the service that I can give to my clients because I know that if I'm burnt out and I'm overstretched, then I'm not going to be able to deliver what they really deserve.

It's important for me to prioritize being at my fullest because I know that's when I can show up for my fullest or in my fullest for my clients, so they get the fullest experience and transmission and transformation.


Where I Scaled Back

The first thing I knew was that I didn't want to overcommit to Zoom calls and coaching sessions. So I took a big bird's eye view at my schedule knowing if I have the partnership calls, they have X amount of one-on-one calls, I have team calls. 

I had to decide if it was practical for me to hold space for another mastermind? So the answer was no. I could have done it, maybe, but it just wasn't worth the risk to me at that time. I knew I wanted to temporarily scale back on client capacity just to make sure that I was giving the best service for everyone involved, for myself and anyone else coming into my world.


Protecting My Time

I also knew that I had to revamp my calendar, and this kind of shifted a few different ways as the pregnancy went on because at first I thought I really only want to coach one or two days a month. And then I started to stack some coaching sessions, and I got really burnt out by doing more than two sessions in a row. I decided to go up to four days a month, but less calls on those days. 

It was really a balancing act. Because the partnership is so intimate and so small, it worked out really well. But I thought to myself, if I had a mastermind of 10 to 15 women and I was constantly having to change my schedule and flop things around, it really wouldn't have worked.



Making Aligned Choices 

I knew the decision to not run the mastermind was the most aligned with my priorities and what my life looked like this year. It didn't break the bank. It didn't set us back on revenue goals. It didn't hinder our personal goals. We bought a house this year. We're having a baby this year. None of that set us back and I was in choice. I was aligned with my values in this choice. It was a heart-led decision, despite feeling sad. 

I knew I had to prioritize my own well-being, my own happiness, my own fullness, because that's what delivers the fullest experiences, right? I remind my clients every single day, no matter what client you are or what program you're in, I remind all of my clients that you are the most important asset in your business. 

If you are not full, the transformation is not full. If you are not full, the experience is not full. If you are not truly taking care of yourself, your clients are not fully taken care of, and that can be really difficult to navigate because you are in choice.

I really encourage you to think about what freedom means to you in your business. What choices are you allowing yourself to make? Someone from the outside might look at my choices and think "You're trying to buy a house, you have a baby on the way... Why would you not run this program?" But it made perfect sense to me.

Last January, I was really trying to navigate what I wanted the future of this program to look like because the CEO Mastermind is so good. But it just feels like something needs to shift, it needs to evolve, it needs to restructure. It needs some sort of fresh life infused into it.


Moving Forward

Then it was clear, and it was really, really clear. And it was so clear that I literally started to pre-enroll the mastermind. That doesn't start until February of 2022 in September of 2021, which actually worked out in everyone's favor because there's an extended payment plan. I'm already banking in revenue for next year, coming in through the holidays when I'm about to be on maternity leave. It came in at the perfect time because I stood true to my choice and what was correct for me, and I knew that I didn't want to just launch the program to launch a program. 

I wanted to be clear on the direction it was going in. And so the whole program, the whole CEO Mastermind has really transformed, and the whole premise of it is truly about building an infrastructure for your business. It's going to help you play the long game so you can be in this freedom of choice too. I decided to bring on a co-coach and that is something that I took so seriously. I knew it needed to be the right person with the right experience and with the utmost integrity.


Shifting Your Business Model: Why I Chose to Pivot Away From a Significant Revenue Stream - The Bottomline

If this is speaking to your soul, I invite you to shoot me a DM or visit the enrollment page. I would love to serve you at my fullest potential because that is exactly where I am going into this program.

I hope this was helpful, and hopefully if there is a program that you're evaluating or you're going into a new season of life, it's giving you permission to be in choice and to make decisions that are best for you. Because the decisions that are best for you are always going to be the ones that are also best for your clients.



Thanks for reading this post! If you liked what you learned, connect with me on social too at Facebook, Instagram, or start working with me!


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