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Mistakes in Coaching & How to Overcome Them Through Quantum Coaching with Ashley Gordon

quantum coaching

Being a coach is a HUGE responsibility. 

We’re all human and things happen, but overcoming our mistakes is the key to mastering our craft.    

In this post, I'm going to be talking all about my conversation with Ashley Gordon. Ashley is the Founder of the Quantum Coaching Certification Program and as a Quantum coach herself, she specializes in helping female coaches master their craft so they can provide life-changing transformations to their clients! Ashley is the creator of the  Badass Manifester Brand and Podcast and is a certified Success Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Master NLP practitioner.

Keep reading to hear all of Ashley’s advice on overcoming common mistakes in coaching!



You are not responsible for your clients' results. 

A myth Ashley hears all the time is that coaches are the ones responsible for the results their clients experience. This is completely false and why it's super important to avoid developing codependent relationships with your clients!

For me, I don't want my clients to come in and have everything consigned by me because the moment we stop working together, they're going to feel powerless. When my clients come in, it's really important for me to set the tone and let them know they need to be taking radical responsibility for their results. 

Of course, you want your clients to succeed, but you can't want it more than they do. Trusting the process of transformation means that you trust they are getting exactly what they need no matter what.


The five mistakes of a beginner coach. 

When you first claim your role as a coach, there are a few different avenues that you might be coming from. Ashley finds that people come from one of these five places: 

  1. You might be coaching from what you've learned in your own personal development without any foundational tools. For example, you take a course that you found so profound, you end up wanting to share these lessons as a coach. 

  2. You might not be attracting clients that you say you want because you're afraid you won't know how to fill your time together. This coach is someone who overcompensates with the client because they want to make sure they're getting high-level value from working together. 

  3. You might have a fear of being awkward to the point where you're not providing the value your clients are paying for. These are the people that are scared to deliver because of the reaction they'll receive, the victims of imposter syndrome. 

  4. You might be coaching people based on your own experience by using personal stories. This is actually a huge mistake in coaching because when someone is getting vulnerable with you, they don't want to hear a story completely invalidating or overshadowing what they just expressed.  

  5. You might be teaching vs. coaching. Just because you have a course does not mean you're necessarily coaching -- there is a difference! Coaching goes beyond fixing surface-level pain points and digs deep into resolving your clients’ true underlying issues.



Making shifts in order to fully embody quantum coaching. 

Stop trying to fill the space! When you hop on a call with a client, you might be catching up and the next thing you know, it's been an hour and you didn't leave any space to discover what they need. Your job is to help your clients extract their feelings and not talk over them. 

The next shift is to stop being a fixer. For example, someone comes in with a challenge and you simply give them instructions on what to do as if the problem will go away just like that. Your job as a coach is to get the root of the problem and figure out what's truly underneath it all. 

Quantum coaching happens in small moments. Those moments are the ones that raise your self awareness and point out your responsibility as a coach. It's important to remember that as a coach, you have to be confident in your skillset so that you're not needing constant validation. 

Start diving into the box of the problem with your clients and work with their energy around the problem, not with the problem itself.


Mistakes in Coaching & How to Overcome Them Through Quantum Coaching with Ashley Gordon: Main Takeaways

I hope this post helps you understand & overcome the mistakes you might be making in your own business. As a coach, you have to be willing to put yourself out there in your business in order to fully embody quantum coaching. Ashley shared some amazing insight during our chat, and I’m so grateful I get to share her knowledge with the world. To connect with Ashely even more, check her out on Instagram and Facebook.



Thanks for reading this post! If you liked what you learned, connect with me on social too at Facebook, Instagram, or start working with me! And get ready because we’re coming in hot for 2022 with the latest CEO Mastermind. Reserve your spot today if you’re ready to scale your business to new heights in the coming year.

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