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In Honor of 100 Podcast Episodes, Here's 3 Things That Made My Business Skyrocket


100 podcast episodes later, here we are! 

In honor of this point in business, I want to share with you all three things that have made my business level up and skyrocket.

These three things were truly symbolic to my growth and helped me make the biggest impact in my life. 

So let's dive right in and start scaling your biz!



The first strategy that made my business skyrocket: Branding.

This is something I actually didn't pay much attention to at the beginning of my business because I thought that it didn't matter. 

Boy, was I wrong. 

Your brand is LITERALLY how you are represented on the internet. People buy from brands that they enjoy and that they resonate with. People value familiarity, they value safety, and they value trust. All three of these have to be engraved into your brand! 

The first thing when thinking about brand development is values. You create your whole brand around your values that resonate with other people. You really want to dive deep into all aspects of your brand, not just the visual aspect. 

After your values and your messaging are determined, the next step is your aesthetic. What is your brand going to look like? How are people going to feel when they see your brand? These are all things you have to think about. 

The way your brand is represented is going to reflect on the results you get.



The second strategy that made my business skyrocket: Marketing.

If your brand isn't in check, marketing is going to be VERY hard. Your marketing becomes really easy when your brand becomes very clear. 

Marketing is the way you reach new people. It's how you get your work out into the world. It's how you are represented online. In that case, if your marketing does not stand out and there's no resonance with your marketing, people are 100% going to ignore it. 

One of the best ways to market is to launch. Launching creates this predictable revenue and massive cash injections into your business. 

It gives you major visibility, major credibility, and major exposure.


The third strategy that made my business skyrocket: Energetics.

I do energetic work every. single. day. 

It's who I am and it's exactly how I've quantum leaped. Quantum leaps happen when you live and lead from a place of alignment and when you understand self-mastery. Do the inner work and learn how to regulate your nervous system. 

Being in alignment is by far the most important part of skyrocketing in your business. 

Now don't get me wrong, just because you're not growing doesn't mean you're out of alignment. When you master consistency, the self-mastery and quantum leap that comes will change everything. 

Being in alignment changes your life. When you can combine energetic work with a rock-solid brand and good marketing, you're basically unstoppable at that point.


In Honor of 100 Podcast Episodes, Here's 3 Things That Made My Business Skyrocket: Main Takeaways

Before you go, I have a surprise in honor of my 100th episode and my 26th birthday coming up. I am going to be combining ALL my programs in a bundle of 26% off. Check it out here! 

I hope reading this helps you skyrocket in your business and absolutely nail your branding, marketing, and most importantly, your alignment with who you are. 

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