Bought individually: $3,665.

Save 26% & get all 3 programs for $2,700.


Five Figure Flow:  
  • Go into your launch with such a solid strategy you KNOW you'll crush your goals.
  • Craft the perfect product that has your audience throwing money at you.
  • Execute the #FiveFigureFlow method (exclusively taught inside Five Figure Flow)
  • Prepare your audience for your offer through an intentional content strategy.
  • Get your hands on the Done For You Launch Planner that tells you exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do.

Check out the full enrollment page for Five Figure Flow here.

Rich & Reputable:  
  • Build a rock solid online reputation that entices dream clients to hire you the second they hear your name
  • Create shareable, high value content that positions you as the expert your audience wants to buy from
  • Develop your own frameworks, curriculums and methodologies everyone else will wish they’d thought of first
  • Collaborate with other entrepreneurs so everyone wins (it’s a guaranteed way to grow your list)
  • Sell in a way that’s authentic and aligned with who you are at your core

Check out the full enrollment page for Rich & Reputable here.

 The Vibe:  
  • The Vibe is the embodiment of self mastery for the woman who wants to quantum leap on the daily.
  • This is not about maintaining a "high vibe" state or revamping your morning routine.
  • This content teaches the energetic codes behind self mastery, collapsing time, and getting everything you've ever wanted. You can obviously apply what you'll learn to your business and your bank account, but beyond that: every other areas of your life too. 

There's no official enrollment page for The Vibe, I sold it based on vibes alone. ;)

Pay In Full


*one time payment*

  • Five Figure Flow
  • Rich & Reputable
  • The Vibe

Flexible Payment Plan


*for 8 months*

  • Five Figure Flow
  • Rich & Reputable
  • The Vibe
So what happens once you enroll?


  • You'll get an immediate email confirmation with all the details on how to log in to all your new courses.

  • All content will be unlocked and ready for you to dive right into.

  • You can start planning your next sold out launch, building your rich & reputable brand, and becoming a quantum leaping queen.

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