Investment Increasing Nov 1st, 2023

a 12-month coaching experience that grows with you, supporting you in SUSTAINING your next level of business & personal growth.



A 7-figure business, working 3-day per week, where my intuition is my best strategy & my energy is my most valuable asset.


I never, ever, ever sacrifice my values or what's important to me. I never, ever do things that drain my energy.

My growth strategies, my marketing plan & my programs are all designed in a way that ENERGIZES me.

If I'm not having fun, I'm not doing it.

If it lights up my soul but doesn't make logical sense, I'm doing it anyway.

I've built a brand that allows me to prioritize FUN & fulfillment. A brand that gives me spaciousness and freedom and financially takes care of my family. A brand that lets me show up as my most authentic self & change lives every single day.


You’re ready to go bigger, much bigger

And you don’t want to go bigger alone.

I’m going to assume it’s safe to bet that you’ve already invested in your business before: online courses...virtual assistants...coaching programs.

But here’s the thing: your expansive vision needs an expansive container to match it.

What you’re craving is deeper than what you’ve found so far

Over the past 7 years, I've supported hundreds of female entrepreneurs, I've seen the things that come up over and over and over again and I understand what's actually needle moving for you in this phase of your business.

That's where you'll spend most of your attention, which is life-changing in itself because once you start to consolidate your energy in the places that actually move things forward - everything starts to transform.

The CEO Mastermind will invite you to lean into feminine leadership, intuitive strategy, being less "busy" and being intentional AF when it comes to what gets your time, energy and attention.



I'll tell you straight up: bandaid fixes + quick dopamine hits isn't the vibe here.

In a sea of people who glamorize fast growth, I value financially sustainability, emotionally regulated growth and a process that excites the shit out of you & makes you fall in love with who you're becoming.

A new era of business is upon us...

Where the standard is that we always pour from an overflowing cup.

Where your body of work is your f*cking artistry.

We're taking our businesses to the next level by taking excellent care of ourselves.

We're scaling our businesses in a beautifully nourishing way.


This is the value system behind the CEO Mastermind®

How do you know this is the room you belong in?

Right now, you're hanging out between $7k-$15k months.

It's comfy, but your heart is calling you forward for more.

You're ready to play at the $250k-$500k/year level.

You want to multiply your impact + streams of revenue without having to work more or harder for it.

You're multi-passionate, ideas and downloads are always flowing and you need someone to help you turn your brain dumps into big money offers.

You're done with the DIY stuff that got you to where you are. You know what got you here won't get you there.

Less second guessing yourself + sugarcoating your brand, more owning your individuality and expression through your business.

Less focus on $whatever-k months, more focus on true sustainability that supports your personal life and family for years and years to come.

More shit that WORKS & feels good.

More trust. More strategy.

Feel the difference already?

Your CEO Mastermind® Experience

2-4 Calls Per Month (depending on what program is running live)

Prepare for at least 2 mastermind hot seat coaching sessions, where we'll talk about everything from strategy, marketing & scaling to nervous system regulation, CEO energetics & holistic wellness. Nearly every month there's a live program running that you'll have access to that you can plug into in addition!

Access To Our Mastermind Slack Channel

Need support in between our calls? Plug into Slack. This is where you can get direct feedback from me on your strategy, your marketing & other moving pieces of your biz. It's also a great place to collab + brainstorm with the other mastermind women.

All New, Live Programs

If you don't already know this, I create new program regularly and when you're a CEO mastermind client, you'll get access to any new course/program/masterclass that's created over the next 12 months.

To give you a better idea, I released $3.4k worth of new programs in Q1 alone this year.


FIVE FIGURE FLOW: my PROVEN signature launch process that'll give you everything you need to crush 5 & 6 figure launches with ease (regularly $1,888)


SENSATIONAL SALES: how to break every single sales rule known to make and sell in a way that's aligned, FUN and sensational (regularly $1,400)


ONE OF A KIND: a 4-part course teaching you how to build a personal brand that builds instant trust with your dream human beings + calls forward life-long clients (regularly $599)


HEART CENTERED SCALING: our very own Operations Queen co-hosts this program with me where we're handing over all our systems, strategies and SOPs to scale in an heart-centered way (regularly $3,000)

+ The Vibe (CEO Energetics) & Business Artistry (learn to create through intuition)

The Nourished CEO Membership

One of my biggest values & north stars is I fill up my own cup & take excellent care of myself so I can pour from an overflowing place. This is why I created the Nourished CEO membership (a group telegram where I help you pour into YOURSELF multiple times a week) and you get access to this with your mastermind tuition. (regularly $199/mo)

The CEO Mastermind® Network

We're going to make it really easy to connect and collaborate with each other. We'll be setting up a Slack channel exclusively for collabs & pairing up accountability buddies.

3 Virtual Retreats

We'll get together 3 times per year to dig deeper into conversations + topics that support the group. These are scheduled for the beginning, middle + end of the year.

Quarterly Giveaways

Every 3 months, we'll send out a check-in form for you to track your progress and celebrate your growth. Everyone who fills out the forms get entered to win a 1:1 call with me.



or $7,777 paid in full

  • Monthly mastermind coaching calls ($12k value)
  • Slack support
  • Access to the entire Aligned & Ambitious program suite (nearly $9k in courses)
  • Access to all new programs & masterclasses launched throughout the year
  • The Nourished CEO Membership ($2.3k value)
  • 3 Virtual Retreats

(over $30,000 in coaching & business education)


The CEO Mastermind® is your all access pass to all of THE Aligned & Ambitious® on-demand program suite, live programs & experiences & mentorship with Taylor for an entire. freaking. year...

at an investment price point that you literally can't beat.

I know your breakthrough year is here. I see it for you. I'm holding the vision for you. And I've made it as accessible as possible for you to get plugged into long-term mentorship, a tight knit community, and world-class feminine business education.

The CEO Mastermind® is a  uniquely designed program that allows you to really customize your experience & personalize your growth

This space truly checks all the boxes.











Pull up a seat at our table and unlock your limitless potential