Your all inclusive launch bestie, giving you a proven & repeatable sales strategy that creates more flow in your business, more clients in your programs &  more cash in your bank account

Step into your filling up your programs & changing the world era.

If you’re anything like me: work ethic + motivation has always come naturally to you. You’ve put in the work your entire life.

But if hustling led to sales, you’d basically be a millionaire by now.

The #1 reason I see entrepreneurs having lackluster launches is because their best strategy is to reverse engineer what they see other coaches doing.

But that never brings in the flood of sales you'd think you'd see.

Winging it is for eyeliner, babe. Not for launching. 

[Disclaimer: launch strategies aren’t one-size fits all and Five Figure Flow isn’t a templated strategy; it’s a proven, data-backed, proprietary process that allows you to personalize your strategy to YOU]

Because the thing's really not about doing MORE.

It's about choosing a strategy that ALIGNS with you + reserving your energy for things that actually move the needle in your launches.

Five Figure Flow is where you'll save time, money and energy by planning ahead, launching intentionally, and learning from a mentor who has never launched anything that’s done less than 5-figures before (#hithatsme).

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And I’ve never earned less than $10,000 with a single launch.

Hi, I'm Taylor

And I’ve never earned less than $10,000 with a single launch.

My very first launch brought in over $10,000 when my business was only 2 months old.

… Even with a very small audience.
… Even without a fancy website.
… Even with a product priced at $500.
… And even launch has gotten bigger since.

In fact, I had my first $100,000+ launch while pregnant.

The real reason my launches have taken off?

Because I’ve taken my experience in digital marketing and developed a profitable launch philosophy that works no matter what.

Look, we've all heard of webinars + 5-day challenges. There's nothing new about these concepts, and it's not these concepts that make a launch successful or not.

The Five Figure Flow framework works for 2 key reasons:

1. We holistically look at the bigger ecosystem at play

Launching is NOT it's own separate entity. It's apart of a bigger picture in your business.

All of these elements are connected:

  • Your Launches
  • Your Audience
  • Your Content Marketing
  • Your Core Message

Five Figure Flow is so unique where as most launch programs teach you that your launch begins the day of your masterclass, we're starting with the ROOT so all elements thrive cohesively.

2. Your launch runway has already been planned for you

Five Figure Flow provides 3 specific launch runways for you to strut down. Whether you want to launch in the next 3 weeks or have a few months to plan, there's a perfect runway for you.

Plusssss the execution process is designed for real life, so your success is not dependent on how many IG stories you can fit in a day. You'll have plenty of time to prep so by the time launch week gets here you can sit back in your bubble bath and relax.

YOU were the main character when I was designing this program. It was built with your success in mind. 

Here's the part I really love...

  • Launching is what allowed me to leave my healthy full-time salary in my rearview mirror, because it created enough monthly recurring revenue that it actually replaced my day job income. Most entrepreneurs are afraid to take the leap because they don’t know where the next client is gonna come from, right? Launching nips that problem right in the bud. #sorryboss
  • Launching is what allows me to travel whenever I want without feeling like the world is ending when I take time off, because when launching is a core part of your business model and sales strategy, gone are the days where you trade time for money.
  • Launching is what allows me to help serve better, because now I can reach more people, touch more lives and make more money in the process.
  • Launching is what allowed me to pay off my credit cards and eliminate my debts. That’s a whole lotta interest back in my pocket every month.
  • Launching is what allowed me to invest in coaches and mentors to help me level up even further than I could go on my own. Even the most respected coaches were within my reach when I hit multiple 5-figures a month.
  • Launching is what allowed me to take a spacious maternity leave, have $40k in MRR while I was caring for our newborn + purchase our dream farmhouse.

To sum it up…

Launching gave me the life & business of my dreams

Mastering the art of launching will transform your business

The satisfaction of watching ideal, qualified clients run into your offers is priceless. 

You login to your payment processor and see a 5-digit number for the 4th month in a row. Sustainability looks so damn good on you.

Then it hits you, you can’t even remember the last time thinking about money made your chest tighten up. It all just kinda feels — normal. Predictable even.

After reviewing the numbers from your last launch you look up at your partner and say, “Wanna spend the next few weeks in Jamaica?” Their eyes are likely to be flooded with a little confusion and disbelief. Give them a few breaths to digest what you just said and then repeat if necessary.

The only question is, do you want to book it yourself or finally call that travel agent and delight in their speechlessness when you say, “Yes. I said Jamaica. Tomorrow. Oh, no special reason. I’m just craving some vitamin sea.” Hello, freedom? Yes, it’s me calling.

On the airplane you finally remember that talented photographer, business coach and copywriter you’ve been fantasizing about hiring. Slide into those DM’s, sister. It’s time. A good launch has gotchu covered to make the investments you need to thrive.

You’re back from Jamaica feeling flooded with energy to do it all over again. Except each launch has been better than the last. Want to pay off your student loans, credit cards or car? Donate to the Amazon rainforest? Take your bestie out for a spa day? I think you know what I’m gonna say ;)

Okay Taylor, there’s a million launch courses on the market:

Why choose this one?

So glad you asked. I don't take your investment lightly + I hope that you don't either.

Five Figure Flow® isn't about the infamous "cash injection" everyone talks about.

It's a proprietary framework designed to help you create true sustainability in your business.

Money Back Guarantee

This program has literally *never* had a negative review so I'm putting my money where my mouth is. If you complete the course, can proof that you've done the work + FFF isn't what you expected it to be, I'll send you a full refund.

Proven Sales Strategy

You don't have time to throw spaghetti at the wall. FFF gives you a proven approach to launching, regardless of your industry or how long you've been in business.

Designed For Real Life

Isn't it time to prioritize your happiness, well-being and energy? You deserve a spacious business model without compromising your cash flow.

Curriculum That Grows With You

Allow this process to take you to $1M + beyond. FFF isn't a resource for one season of your business, the curriculum has been designed to grow with you.

The Heart Of Your Business Model

How does money in your sleep sound? Waking up to those Stripe notifications feels liberating. That sustainability you've been craving is here to stay.

Dreampro Certified

FFF is sealed with the Dreampro stamp of approval. We worked with the industry leading course design agency to ensure the content was designed for the absolute best client learning experience possible for all types of learners.

Calculate your profit potential after just one* launch

* The potential is so much bigger. This program is meant to be used over and over again.

ROI is our love language around here.

"Thousands of dollars in revenue"

Taylor is a launching goddess! Not only has he crushed her own launches but she's helped me launch a few of my own programs. Her ideas and launch strategy has helped me generate thousands of dollars in revenue and passive income. I'm so thankful for Taylor and her launching strategies. 

Melissa Litchfield

"A shockingly easy $20,000 launch"

Before, my biggest launch to date was $3500. Now, I launched a high-level program and made $20,000. It was shockingly easy! The strategies and mindset here will help you be successful, for your next launch and all launches to come. I can’t recommend Five Figure Flow enough. 

Katie Ferro

"3x my income in a quarter"

Five Figure Flow is my third program of Taylor's, and since investing with her I've been able to 3X my business income in just one quarter. This program slays! 

Toni Roberts

You can’t put a price on a wildly profitable + effortlessly fun launch

*Money back guarantee: see FAQ for details. I whole-heartedly believe in this program.

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When you join Five Figure Flow, you get:

The Entire Five Figure Flow 5 Phase Methodology

Delivered via video content inside your student dashboard + AND on a private Podcast feed so you can learn on the go. This is the happy intersection between profit and play #girlsjustwannahavefunds

[RESOURCE #1]  All Inclusive Launch Planner

From start to finish, this tool will map out your entire launch. Project management, a content calendar, launch tracker, and so much more.

[RESOURCE #2]  Done-For-You Email Sequences

Launch event emails? Done. Waitlist emails? You got 'em. Emails to open up your cart? Duh. Emails to nurture your audience leading up to your launch? Covered.

[RESOURCE #3]  Our Launch SOP Playbook

Our very own internal standard operating procedures that allow us to smoothly rinse and repeat our launches every single time. Let the masculine energy of these systems allow your feminine energy and creativity to shine.

[RESOURCE #4]  Manychat Launch Event Automation

DM funnels are the new black. Seriously though, automated DMs are becoming more and more popular because of their high conversion rates. Steal our DM automation to get people signed up for your launch event!

Here’s how we make your launch dreams come true:

Meet your cherry on top bonuses

Using Your PODCAST To Boost Your Launch

The future of evergreen marketing lives in Podcasting. Get ready to turn up the heat on your launch participant engagement by learning how to leverage your Podcast throughout your entire launch taught by the CEO of Profitable Podcast Productions: Tara Counterman

Strategy + Data Debrief Behind My $117,000+ Launch

This is a data GOLDMINE. See the strategy, the investments, the results and all the moving pieces behind my very first 6-figure+ launch.

AI Artistry: Using AI To Save You Time During Launch Prep 

Introducing you to my two favorite AI softwares that'll save you so much time (and how to best utilize them during your launches!)

Peer-to-Peer Support Group

You'll officially become apart of the Five Figure Flow family. Connect with other members, collaborate with other like-minded women and have a built in support system where you can share your wins!

My goal for you:

A whole lotta money with a whole lotta ease

Inside Five Figure Flow, I’m taking all the guesswork out of it and literally giving you everything you need to implement successfully.

I’m handing over my sales email templates, launch calendar layout, graphic swipes, promo posts, and launch assets — all wrapped up in a pretty pink bow. And on top of alllll of that, you get the support and accountability you need to follow through until the clock strikes midnight on the day your cart closes.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Going through Five Figure Flow is as simple as possible because we created different pathways based on where you are in your business.

This means you can come into the program, quickly find what you're looking for + dip in and out for exactly what you need, when you need it.

These aren’t just the golden tickets for your biggest launch yet.

They’re also the golden tickets for a level of freedom you don’t even know is possible.

You can’t put a price on a wildly profitable + effortlessly fun launch

*Money back guarantee: see FAQ for details. I whole-heartedly believe in this program.

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OK, here’s the toughest question

Don’t you think if you could get there on your own… you would have by now?

I love you — and you don't have to go at this alone.

Especially because there are SO MANY dream clients out there wishing you’d just get it together and give them #alltheways to work with you already.

I know, I can hear you arguing with me through the screen:

“But Taylor! I AM showing up! They DO have the chance to work with me! They just aren’t buying!”

Listen: I know you're working your ass off, exhausted by the process, and still not quite reaching your goals.

That's why I created Five Figure Flow, so you say goodbye to the stress and overwhelm when it comes to launching — forever.

You can’t put a price on a wildly profitable + effortlessly fun launch

*Money back guarantee: see FAQ for details. I whole-heartedly believe in this program.

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6 Monthly Payments


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