Free E-book: Direct Message Mastery

Master the art of selling in the DMs

A comprehensive sales process to help you build relationships and close high-ticket clients through Instagram DMs.

Picture it: You log into Instagram and...

Your DMs are flooded with people you'd absolutely love to work with

When you’re using Instagram to grow your business, it’s essential that you know how to navigate these conversations with confidence and grace.

Selling in the DMs is both an art and a science. And it takes both genuine connection and a solid sales strategy.

Once I found my strategy selling in the DMs...
  • My relationship with my community became stronger because they felt seen and cared for. Their trust in me deepened. This is the first step in establishing a heart-centered, high-converting sales process.
  • I stopped taking sales calls altogether (I’ve only taken 3 sales calls in the last 4 years) and the way I sell felt so much more natural.
  • The financial results were mindblowing: $25,000 packages sold in the DMs, pay in full, zero hesitation, dream clients.
Now I took the process that’s generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue — solely through DMs —

And I broke it down for you

Direct Message Mastery will:

  1. Walk you through the entire step-by-step Aligned & Ambitious DM sales flow strategy.
  2. Tell you exactly you need to know when it comes to getting ideal clients into your DMs to begin with.
  3. Teach you about the 5 different kinds of decision makers when it comes to sales convos: how to identify what kind of buyer they are and what they need to make an empowered decision.
  4. Give you everything you need to make selling in the DMs feel good for everyone involved.