A 7-month container for women ready to embody their highest selves and create sustainable, scalable, profitable businesses.

And before we go any further... Let’s also clarify the definition of a mastermind.

A mastermind is just that, a master of the MINDS. Not just my mind but all of our minds.

I facilitate this container with that intention kept at the forefront.

This mastermind isn’t about surface-level Q&A sessions. We dive DEEP into all areas of your life and your business and provide you with several fresh perspectives from different women in different industries.

You don't wanna build an Instagram business.

You want to build a legitimate company.

A company with multiple sources of income. A company that feels aligned as fuck.

If you read that and it felt like a full-body heck yes, that's a sign you're the perfect fit for the CEO Mastermind.

While you’re at it, try these on for size:

  • You know you want to do things differently. You're being called to innovate + lead your industry into a whole new direction.
  • You're naturally ambitious and desire true alignment, and you need support balancing your flow with structure to create a biz that runs — with or without you.
  • The next level is knocking at your door. You need the support, community, and mentorship to hold your hand as you quantum leap forward.
  • You know being a CEO is about way more than just money, honey. Hiring. Leadership. Strategies. Funnels. You want to do it all, and do it all well — but you're not sure how to balance it all.
The best way to grow an online business?

Through alignment, ambition, and integrity. (duh)

You can see it so easily. You've visualized it many times...

Your business operates like a beautifully balanced ecosystem.

Your team, your offers, your launches, your pricing, your impact, your values, your social media — all of it feel so much like you, you could happy cry. 

Your patterns switch over into ones that are in support of your dreams. 

Because being a business owner isn’t just about making money. It’s about being in full alignment with who you are as a woman — and letting your vehicle be in service to that

You’re allowing yourself to truly RISE as a CEO.

How you make decisions, how you operate your business, how your team runs, and how your schedule is laid out. This isn’t first-year solopreneur stuff. It’s what’s gonna allow you to continue to grow, quarter after quarter, year after year, decade after decade. 

You sell out your programs every single time.

No more stressing, losing sleep or losing sanity when it comes to closing sales, because you’re so switched on and in a state of flow, you don’t have to worry so much. Your audience is naturally attracted to that. 

Being so influential that you can make a serious impact on the world.

Donate to that cause. Raise awareness for what you support. Reinvest in what you believe in.

Becoming a fully embodied, self-expressed CEO.

Entrepreneurship is a form of self-expression.

- Taylor Slango
The CEO Mastermind is a 7-month experience for women who want to

Fully embody the bold, confident, and abundant CEO they were born to be

CEOs trust themselves to jump into their big, dreamy ideas.

CEOs hire, delegate, and lead from a place of love and integrity.

CEOs set the direction of the company… and stay focused on it.

CEOs don’t compromise the things that are important to them.

CEOs protect their energy, and enforce their boundaries.

And CEOs pay themselves really, really, really well. (Just sayin’).

Not everyone is cut out to be a CEO

And not everyone is cut out for the CEO Mastermind.

If you tick these boxes, then do not join The CEO Mastermind — seriously, we won’t vibe and you won’t get anything out of it.

You’re a strategy bandwagoner. You just wanna make $$ and you don’t really care how it happens. I’m not the business coach for you, my coaching philosophy is helping you build a business model filled with strategies that work for YOU so your company is sustainable.

You still believe YOU are the only one who can do all the things in your business. You're not willing to get the support you need in order to grow. CEO’s allow support, they know they can’t do it all alone.

You aren't actually committed to being a part of a mastermind. This is an energetic commitment just as much as it's a financial one. Make sure you actually want to be here and show up — for yourself AND the other women in this circle.

On the other hand, if you tick these boxes...

Your cute butt belongs inside The CEO Mastermind.

It's not about the quick wins for you. You're over the days where you obsess over the non-existent secret sauce. You want to build a sustainable and scalable business, and you're willing to do what you need to do to bring that to life!

Sometimes the online space frustrates you. You’ve heard the horror stories (maybe you even have one of your own) from people getting burned by coaches, programs, and service providers. This drives you to step up even more. To serve at an even higher level. The quality of your work and reputation of your brand is something you take very seriously.

You’re craving an expansion you can’t quite verbalize. You want to shake things up. You have a powerful message to share. You’re itching to innovate. You’re kind of ready to burn your business to the ground and re-build with more intention.

You have a deep knowingness that you can have it ALL. We have our cake AND eat it too around here. You can make all the money, sign all the dream clients, and still have all the spaciousness you want. You just need someone to lead the way.

This is a full body HELL YES. You've read this sales page up and down, and you know in your core this program will catapult you forward.

The perfect CEO cocktail:

One part energetic mastery
One part world class strategy
One part influential leadership

Start with Energetic Mastery

The CEO Mastermind is a mastermind that’s focused just as much on intuition as a strategy. During our 5 months together, you’ll learn how to master your energy and deeply trust yourself in a way that you never have before.

This program will help you get over imposter syndrome, slay your demons, and shift your mindset so you can fully embody your highest CEO self. You’ll feel grounded in who you are, your beliefs, your worth, and your goals.

Add World Class Strategy

Nothing is off the table. I’ll be right there by your side as we co-create strategies that feel very YOU. From elevating your brand, to pricing your offers, planning your launches, setting your sales goals and everyyything in between.

We’ll work together on seeing your entire business through a strategic eye: your sales process, your launch plan, your systems, your team, even your Google calendar. Every detail will be intentional, strategic, and flowy — all at once.

Finish it with Influential Leadership

You didn’t become an entrepreneur for $10k launches and fancy Instagram photoshoots (while those things may be fun AF). Your true desire to make a difference. To build a legacy. To create generational wealth. To lead by example.

This isn’t a surface level mastermind. We’ll talk about how you can grow as a leader to create a ripple effect of positive change in the world.

This mastermind was designed intentionally .


We’ll meet for bi-weekly group coaching calls where we laugh, cry, talk about strategy, get super woo, drink wine (or coffee, depending on where in the world you are!), collaborate with each other, and fill up our love tanks. 


Everyone has different needs + desires when they're mastermind shopping. So instead of building + pricing this offer with 1:1 support built in, you'll have the option to add on 3 or 6 1:1 coaching calls with me.

Group Slack & Voxer

You’ll have group Slack & Voxer access so you can move your business and your lifestyle forward, fast. Like, faster than I can pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate you joining this mastermind.

Calls with The Partners

Monthly group calls with Profitable Partner clients. You can expect a mix of workshops, industry-leading guest experts, and collaboration as all of the Aligned & Ambitious leaders come together more frequently.

See it month-by-month!

March 2021

  • 2 CEO group coaching calls
  • 1 workshop with the Profitable Partners

      April 2021

      • 2 CEO group coaching calls
      • 1 workshop with the Profitable Partners

      May 2021

      • 2 CEO group coaching calls
      • 1 guest expert with the Profitable Partners

      June 2021

      • 2 CEO group coaching calls
      • 1 workshop with the Profitable Partners
      • Mid-year check-in & recalibrate for Q3 and Q4

      July 2021

      • 2 CEO group coaching calls
      • 1 workshop with the Profitable Partners

      August 2021

      • 2 CEO group coaching calls
      • 1 guest expert with the Profitable Partners.

      September 2021

      • 2 CEO group coaching calls
      • 1 workshop with the Profitable Partners
      When you combine all of this

      You’ve got the rocketship and the fuel for:

      • Officially becoming a 6-figure earner and crossing the $100,000 mark... like Michelle.
      • Building out systems that excite you & hiring dream team members... like Arielle.
      • Closing out yet another $20k+ month... like Caitlin.
      • Feeling so secure in your business that you can finally say goodbye to your day job... like Beatrice.

      If you couldn’t guess, all these ladies went through the CEO mastermind. And when you decide to enroll in The CEO Mastermind, this can be you, too. Easily.

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      Together we’ll take a magnifying glass to all of these areas.

      Like a jeweler cutting a gem, you have everything you need to succeed already inside you. Now it’s about shaping it and letting go of anything that’s dulling your shine.


      Before the Mastermind even starts, we’re going to get clear AF on your vision, your intentions, and what kind of business model you want to build. It’s important from the very beginning, we’re creating a plan that works for YOU, meets your needs, and fulfills your desires.

      Offers & Messaging

      If you want to make sales, you’ve gotta know what you’re selling first. That’s why we’re gonna refine your offers, so you can package your expertise into a program, course or service your audience can’t refuse. Then we’ll position you as the go-to expert in your field, so you’re always top of mind. Finally, I’ll show you how to become a sales queen. Because no sales equals no money, honey.

      Creating Major Influence

      One of the VERY best things about being an entrepreneur is the chance to make a much greater impact. Now that you’ve got your platform, how do you plan to use it? We’ll focus on building meaningful, forever relationships with your clients and growing your audience so you can grow your impact.

      Launch & Sales Planning

      Imagine how freeing it will feel when you know EXACTLY what you’re selling and when. We’ll be mapping out comprehensive sales and launch plans for the next 6 months, so you never have to wonder where to focus your attention. Even better? You’ll be able to predict (and track) your income.

      Scaling & Systems

      How does a CEO scale her vision and continue to grow her business? We’ll tackle team building, adding in additional streams of revenue, and outsourcing the tasks that CEOs just plain don’t do — while staying in alignment the whole darn time. #winning

      And when you enroll in The CEO Mastermind...

      You’ll also receive these bonuses:


      3 months inside Best Launch Yet, my high touch online membership for ambitious AF female entrepreneurs who want every launch to be their favorite ($1,998 value)

      Aligned & Ambitious Signature Courses: get  instant access to two of my most popular digital courses: Five Figure Flow & Magnetic Marketing School ($2,774 value)

      I'm holding space for you inside the CEO Mastermind.

      Me, you + your soul sisters, coming together with one common goal: Creating more consistency, income, and influence as the CEO of your own company.

      this is your moment!

      Join the CEO Mastermind


      payment plans available


      “Investing in the CEO Mastermind was the best decision I've ever made."

      Investing in the CEO mastermind was the best business decision I ever made. At the time, it was the biggest investment I had ever made and I had associated paying for a program with “losing” money.

      What I quickly learned is that paying for a program is not a “loss” it is absolutely an investment and it shows yourself how much value and dedication you put towards your business and yourself- This mastermind experience is PRICELESS by the way.

      Also, I made 3x my investment 2 months in. (Have you joined yet?!) Taylor is fully invested in her clients and has an understanding of business, mindset, & service that is unreal. You get so much more than a mastermind experience- you get a holistic experience. JOIN!!

      — Beatrice Kamau, Self Love Expert + Podcast Host 

      “With Taylor’s support I have felt encouraged to create a business that’s fully aligned with me, that’s fun and that I love to show up for."

      I started working with Taylor in June 2020, during the middle of a pandemic and lock down. I got set up with incredible launch plans and ideas, help pivoting to ensure we captured everyone we could, and most importantly, I got surrounded with a bunch of epic boss ass women who were here to build epic businesses, which helps take you to that next level!

      With Taylor’s support I have felt encouraged to create a business that’s fully aligned with me, that’s fun and that I love to show up for.

      I scaled from $5k-$7k months to $15k-$20k months in 6 months.

      If you’re sick of doing the same shit everyone else does, and you want to create something new, innovative and scaleable, join this program!

      — Caitlin Hosking, Self Sabotage Coach

      Hey, I'm Taylor and I'm a CEO.

      This is the part where I tell you how I started my business from the ground up, left my day job, hit 6 figures within 14 months, and then multi-6 figures shortly thereafter.

      That’s all flashy + impressive....but the truth is, being a CEO is about wayyyyy more than the dollar signs.

      It’s about the legacy you’re leaving. The leader you’re becoming. The team you’re building. The alignment you’re holding. The values you’re embodying. And the life you’re living.

      When I first decided to go all in with my business, I made two cross-my-heart-hope-to-die promises to myself.

      • First, I wouldn't trade my sanity for money again (even if the money was really, really good)
      • Second, I wouldn't do things in my business that didn't feel absolutely uh-mazing (even if there are a million gurus out there insisting you build your business a certain way)

      See a theme, jelly bean?

      I do not trade who I am for the sake of my business.

      I have seen too many entrepreneurs start their own business only to wind up acting just like an employee again, taking on clients who aren’t a great fit, working on holidays + vacations + with the flu, trying to do every role the boss (aka you) asks, and getting paid scraps to boot. Uh, no.

      When you join the CEO Mastermind, I'm going to remind you every. single. day that...

      You are the most important asset in your business.

      And that of course, means...

      • Creating offers you love.
      • Using your influence in a way that makes your soul do the cha-cha.
      • Launching like you want to.
      • Scaling how you desire to scale.
      • Setting up your business so it’s sustainable for you.
      • Doing things according to your energy and your time.
      • Becoming the kind of leader you want to become.

      I’ve been where you are now.

      I was DIY-ing everything in my business, trying to generate enough income to quit my job, addicted to the screen’s blue light (and frankly driving my hubby a little bit crazy).

      It wasn’t until I started acting like a CEO that everything changed.

      Yes, the income kept growing — but more than that, I became more of the woman I was sent here to be. My branding and messaging became clearer. My launches became easier. My partnerships clicked into place. My team stepped up, allowing me to lean back and breathe. My offers felt aligned.

      I’ve created my dream reality, dream lifestyle, and dream business in under one freaking year — and it keeps getting better.

      All I’ve ever dreamt of was freedom. Freedom with how I spend my time. Freedom to travel. Freedom to be more present. Freedom to buy whatever I want. Freedom to make my own choices.

      The freedom that CEOs have but employees do not.

      I’ve stepped into that identity and lifestyle…

      And you can too.

      My methodology does not include life-long hustle or glorifying being “busy." In fact, it’s the opposite.

      It's my mission to help female entrepreneurs reach their big hairy business goals WHILE staying aligned with what's truly important to them.

      Whether that’s taking afternoons off to pick up your kid from school or fitting in a morning yoga class...

      Whether it’s launching every 90 days or flipping all the launch rules on their head...

      Whether that’s leaving your 9-5 or making enough income to retire your husband...

      The CEO Mastermind is here to help you achieve it.

      XO, Taylor

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      Still hesitating? I don’t want you to leave this page without making a decision.

      Here are the answers to the questions I'm often asked about The CEO Mastermind: