You know deep in your soul your business is bigger than Instagram.

You want to build an actual company.  A company with a meaningful mission that truly impacts people. A company with multiple sources of income. A company that represents what's important to you.  A company that supports your lifestyle and provides you with freedom. A company that keeps you creatively energized.

And we both can agree you aren't the type of woman to settle.

It's time to set goals and make plans in your business that are meaningful to YOU.

  • Enough chasing arbitrary numbers and goals. This mastermind is all about drowning out everyone's noise so you can get clear on what YOU want in life and business.
  • From there, we put our heads together to create an individualized roadmap so you know exactly where to put your energy to set things into motion.
  • Build your business your way, we'll eliminate the things that drain you and make sure your business plan feels energizing and fun. Your personal priorities get to come first, we strategize around that. 
  • And we'll make sure you aren't doing it all alone. It takes a village. Growing a successful business isn't all rainbows and sunshine. That's just the truth. You're going to need people to support you and systems to sustain you. The goal is for your business to function like a well balanced ecosystem.

“Investing in the CEO Mastermind was the best decision I've ever made."

Investing in the CEO mastermind was the best business decision I ever made. At the time, it was the biggest investment I had ever made but it was a PRICELESS experience. I made 3x my investment 2 months in. (Have you joined yet?!) Taylor is fully invested in her clients and has an understanding of business, mindset, & service that is unreal. You get so much more than a mastermind experience- you get a holistic experience. JOIN!!

— Beatrice Kamau, Self Love Expert + Podcast Host 
The work we do together goes

deeper than money

  • I mean, of course you'll make more money. Businesses aren't businesses without sales, so of course we'll strategize a stable and increasing income.
  • But you aren't joining this program for short-term, short-lived success. You want sustainability.
  • So while 5-figure months await you, so does: hiring your dream team, setting up your schedule spaciously, managing your money well, attracting clients who are excited to pay you, and getting really clear on what makes you different from everyone else on the internet (yes, I promise, you're really that special and you DO have something unique to offer.)

This mastermind equips you to take your vision, your impact, your leadership, your team, and your income to the next level.

And doing so as simply and as aligned as possible.

We don't overcomplicate things over here.


 When you’re scaling to 6-figures and beyond, having direction is important AF. That’s why every month, Taylor will be leading a live training to cover all the strategies & foundational check points that’ll make your business go further faster.

[$5,000 value]


 Grab an ice cold drink and prepare for hot as fire hot seating coaching with Taylor every single month. Nothings off the table during these Q&A calls, we’ll touch on everything from cutting edge strategy to energetic alignment and everything in between.

[$7,000 value]


We know you need undivided attention on YOUR individual business every month so you’ll have a 45 minute private coaching call with serial entrepreneur & co-coach, Hayley David.

[$3,000 value]


Come co-work with your mastermind besties and put your pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to eat the frog and accomplish the task(s) you may be avoiding or need support on.

[$2,000 value]


Where you can celebrate your successes, network with your mastermind besties, and get your questions answered directly by Taylor and CEO support coach, Hayley.

[$2,500 value]


Full Suite

The full Aligned & Ambitious curriculum — Five Figure Flow, Signature Offer School, The Vibe

[$3,407 value]

Operations Q&A

Live Q&A with the QUEEN of operations behind team Aligned & Ambitious - see how we're operating a near 7-figure business behind the scenes.

[$1,500 value]

Live Workshop with vp wright

 Diversity, equity, and inclusion expert & self published author, vp wright, will be leading a live workshop on how to build an inclusive and ethical business.

[$1,297 value]

Join the CEO Mastermind


payment plans available


When you're apart of this mastermind, I'm going to remind you every single day that you are the most important asset in your business.

Not everyone is cut out to be a CEO

And not everyone is cut out for the CEO Mastermind.

If you tick these boxes, then do not join The CEO Mastermind — seriously, we won’t vibe and you won’t get anything out of it.

You’re a strategy bandwagoner. You just wanna make $$ and you don’t really care how it happens. I’m not the business coach for you, my coaching philosophy is helping you build a business model filled with strategies that work for YOU so your company is sustainable.

You still believe YOU are the only one who can do all the things in your business. You're not willing to get the support you need in order to grow. CEO’s allow support, they know they can’t do it all alone.

You aren't actually committed to being a part of a mastermind. This is an energetic commitment just as much as it's a financial one. Make sure you actually want to be here and show up — for yourself AND the other women in this circle.

And that of course, means...

  • Creating offers you love.
  • Charging rates that feel life giving to you.
  • Launching as little or as often as you'd like to.
  • Scaling how you desire to scale.
  • Setting up your business so it’s sustainable for you.
  • Doing things according to your energy and your time.
  • Becoming the kind of leader you want to become.
  • And defining how YOU measure success.

Join the CEO Mastermind


payment plans available

Still hesitating? I don’t want you to leave this page without making a decision.

Here are the answers to the questions I'm often asked about The CEO Mastermind: