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My mission is to help you

Build an extraordinary business
so you can live an
extraordinary life


Without compromising your values or settling for less than what you really want


Hi I'm Taylor! Mama + wife first, entrepreneur + coach second.

I went to college for like 5 different things. I ended up with a degree in Criminal Justice working in a 9-5 where I didn't last more than 3 months. After that, I realized I wanted a more unconventional career, so I taught myself everything there was to know about social media marketing and funnels and launching. Turns out, marketing came second nature to me. I landed a job as a marketing strategist for online coaches & course creators. That was my introduction to this industry. I made a lot of coaches a lot of f*cking money.

I started my business in 2018. Two months after I started my business, I had my first $10k launch. In my first year, I had done over 6-figures. By my second year in business, I left my $70k/yr marketing job. In 2019, Aligned & Ambitious was born: a brand that helps other women create aligned, fun and nervous-system- regulated business  growth. By our 4th year, we had collected over 7-figures in revenue and supported thousands of female entrepreneurs in creating their own unconventional lifes & businesses.


In all the years I've been in business I've never sacrificed my values, I've refused to do shit I hate in order to make more money, and I have never been available to create a business that kept me as trapped as my 9-5 did. Instead, I created a business model that gives me spaciousness, freedom & flexibility that also fills up my soul, creates massive impa ct, generates sustainable revenue and provides extremely well for me & my family. Now my life's work is teaching other women to do just that. 

I'm a first time mom. I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we've been together over 10 years. We have an 100lb furbaby named Marley. My favorite word is f*ck. I'm an advocate for using cannabis for mental health. I would consider loving Christmas, listening to Taylor Swift and win e tasting my other personality traits.


My goal = to help you HAVE MORE FUN growing your brand, scaling your business in a way that actually FEELS GOOD to you, and mak ing a lot of money in a way that feels calm & kind to your nervous system.


How we create lasting transformation

"One of the best choices I have made"

I feel so supported. There are so many resources & support systems within the partnership from Taylor, her team, & the other partners that you feel so held as you grow in life & business. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of Taylor. 

Rachael Fisher

"I made 3x my investment 2 months in"

Taylor is fully invested in her clients and has an understanding of business, mindset, & service that is unreal. You get so much more than a mastermind experience- you get a holistic experience.

Beatrice Kamau

"From $5K to $20K months in 6 months"

With Taylor’s support I have felt encouraged to create a business that’s fully aligned with me, that’s fun and that I love to show up for. If you’re sick of doing the same shit everyone else does, and you want to create something new, innovative and scalable, hire her!

Caitlin Hosking

"I quadrupled my revenue"

When I started working with Taylor, I was making a couple thousand dollars a month in my business. I expanded my product suite, sold out my programs, and more than quadrupled my income.

Ariel Schiffer
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