Prepare for your best launch yet

Prepare for your best launch yet

1) Launch Vigrin

Launching overwhelms you and you don't know where to start. Heeeeeelpppppp.

2) Launch Learner

You've launched before, it went okay, but you're still waiting on that 5-figure launch.

3) Launch Lover

You're probably as obsessed with launching as I am. You're ready to soar into 6-figure launch territory.

No matter where you are now, this live immersion will completely transform your relationship with launches


Launch Party Week line up: 

Day 1: Ensuring Your Offer is Innovative & Your Marketing Message is Captivating

Day 2: Why You Don't Need a Massive Audience to Have a Sold Out Launch (& What You Need Instead)

Day 3: The Five Figure Flow *Proven* Launch Timeline & Process

Day 4: Launch 911: How to Pivot When Things Aren't Working

Day 5: My Top 5 Tips for $50k Launches



How does Launch Party Week work?

Launch Party Week is hosted on a private Podcast feed so you can listen (or binge) on the go. As soon as you register for LPW, you'll get an immediate email sent to you with the link to access the Podcast + all episodes available right away.

Hi, I'm Taylor & I'm obsessed with launching

Since starting my business 2 years ago, I’ve had countless back-to-back launches, all of them clocking in between $10,000 and $75,000 in sales.

… Even with a teeny tiny list.

… Even without a fancy website.

… Even with a product priced at $500.

… Even with an Instagram I’m building from the ground up.

I’m not a unicorn — although I do love a good Unicorn Frap from Starbucks!

The real reason my launches have taken off?

Because I’ve figured out a profitable launch framework that works no matter what offer I’m putting out. Now I'm teaching it to you during Launch Party Week! See you there.

XO, Taylor

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