A 6-month experience for aligned and ambitious women ready to earn more money and impact more lives

You want to go bigger. Much bigger.

But you don't want to go bigger alone.

The Profitable Partnership is

Your new business support system

We’re leveraging data-driven growth, a tight-knit network, energetic expansion and mega high-level handholding to create your next multiple 6-figures online.

It’s like having five-star access to the smartest women in the room...for an entire year. My team and I are serving as your true partners in business.

This isn’t a hierarchy. It’s high-level support at its finest.

I entered into the Profitable Partnership excited but with some hesitation because I wasn't sure if I could be "CEO" material. But within the first few weeks, something amazing happened.

The first month increased by $5,000, the second month increased by $10,000, and now as I just completed my Wealth Scale (an amazing benefit of PP), I see that trend increasing.

The Profitable Partnership took me from a person who was questioning everything I did to a business leader who is in alignment and in flow.

I've created space for myself and my family and know there is unlimited potential to what we can accomplish.

Kim David
Education Consultant


A Profitable Partner must protect her circle.

And that starts by choosing the right guide and network

Inside The Profitable Partnership, I’ll be your solid gold partner in every key decision that gets made inside your business.

All adding up to you being the woman you always set out to be:

The CEO of a thriving half a million dollar business who gets paid to do what she loves and make a difference at the same time.

Okay first things first, Taylor is my fucking soul sister & I LOVE her. Investing in the profitable partnership was a huge leap for me & it’s one of the best choices I have made in my journey.

I feel so supported in every way possible. There are so many resources & support systems within the partnership from Taylor, her team, & the other partners that you feel so held as you grow in life & business.

I can say from the bottom of my heart that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of Taylor. If you’re thinking of joining the Profitable Partnership, do it.

Rachael Fisher
Mindset Mentor

We only allow a certain number of women into this container at once.

That’s because we aren’t here to hold your hand for a blip in time.

We’re here to help you build out the long-term vision for your business... and that means we invest our time, energy, and resources heavily into you. As a result, our partners usually stick with us for longer than they stick with any other coach, program or course.

The Profitable Partnership is where you'll get the focused, intentional support to grow faster and further than you ever have before.

Enrollment won't open again until 2021.

This partnership has been so sacred to me since we started. First and foremost, I have never felt more "at home" with the women inside of this partnership and Taylor has created a space that feels just as she named it.

We all contribute in our own ways and that is what makes it so special. I have been shifting my business in new ways and being surrounded by women who are experiencing similar things has been comforting to say the least!

Most importantly, I feel like we are all growing together as people, leaders, business owners, and women. To throw in some metrics, My business has grown by 63% in the 4 months I've been a partner.

Ariel Schiffer
Course Designer