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Mentorship Options

The Profitable Partnership®

Wishing you had someone in your corner that was as deeply invested in your business and vision as you are? Someone to be your true partner as you take your business to a million and beyond? The Profitable Partnership has your name written all over it. The next round opens in 2022.

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Best Seller

"One of the best choices I have made"

I feel so supported. There are so many resources & support systems within the partnership from Taylor, her team, & the other partners that you feel so held as you grow in life & business. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of Taylor. 

Rachael Fisher

The CEO Mastermind®

You’re on the road to becoming a 6 or multi-6 figure entrepreneur and want as few detours as possible. For you who want to pave a fresh path in your industry and lay a foundation that will sustain you for years to come. Message me to know when the next iteration launches.

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"I made 3x my investment 2 months in"

Taylor is fully invested in her clients and has an understanding of business, mindset, & service that is unreal. You get so much more than a mastermind experience- you get a holistic experience.

Beatrice Kamau

Private Mentorship

The exclusive, we’re-about-to-become-besties private coaching program. Let's collapse time around your dreamiest goals with 2 high-impact sessions per month, Voxer coaching and the complete A&A product suite. 1 space open for 2022, $25,000 investment. Message me and we can find out if it’s the right fit for both of us.

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"From $5K to $20K months in 6 months"

With Taylor’s support I have felt encouraged to create a business that’s fully aligned with me, that’s fun and that I love to show up for. If you’re sick of doing the same shit everyone else does, and you want to create something new, innovative and scalable, hire her!

Caitling Hosking

Identify your brand's zone of genius

Gain diamond-like clarity on what sets you apart in your industry, how you uniquely serve your clients and how to communicate that effectively.

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High-impact online courses

Best Seller

Five Figure Flow®

A proven, profitable, repeatable sales process to sell out your offers every single time you launch them and have fun in the process.


Rich & Reputable

More than being rich in finances, it’s about being rich in service, mission and fulfillment. Let's create a brand with resonance.


The Vibe

Master the art of daily energetic expansion through this 5-part video experience. Needless to say, this course is a vibe.


"I quadrupled my revenue"

When I started working with Taylor, I was making a couple thousand dollars a month in my business. I expanded my product suite, sold out my programs, and more than quadrupled my income.

Ariel Schiffer

extraordinary woman
deserves an
extraordinary business

Free Instagram Sales Flow

Authentically connect with your Instagram community & convert more clients in the DMs