By Taylor Slango

What does it mean to be Rich & Reputable?

It's about much more than financial riches and client testimonials

It's about being rich in


It's about being rich in


It's about being rich in


It’s about building a community that…

Sees you

A community that fully sees you for who you are and loves every part

Trusts you

A community that trusts you to support their wildest dreams

Supports you

A community that wholeheartedly supports your mission and work

When these things are in place, your reputation speaks for itself

And when your reputation speaks for itself, you become abundantly rich in all areas of your business:

  • No more selling from a place of desperation
  • No more selling to a silent non-buying audience
  • No more wasting time on trends that die overnight
  • No more hustling to find your next client
  • No more force to find new clients and scale your business

This course is about stripping down the lack of authenticity, the marketing strategies that feel icky, and the fad social media trends that disappear as fast as they came.

That’s not who you are or how you were meant to grow your business.

Say no more, I’m jumping in head first

Let me break this down gently for you…

*lights vibey candle, pours a glass of Moscato, sages computer screen, flips hair*

The online space has a way of making you feel like you need to focus on the next big flashy goal, surpass the next major milestone, scale quick AF and share it all on Instagram in the process.

But the truth is… I have scaled my business from 0 to $400k in the last 2.5 years because I have always been focused on going deep instead of wide:

  • Overdelivering for my clients & community.
  • Prioritizing the foundation of my company.
  • Creating a magnetic brand that speaks for itself.
  • Realizing when it’s time to slow down to speed up.
  • Building offers that create long-last transformations.
  • Developing leadership skills & treating people right.

Take your business from new & unpredictable to flourishing & magnetic

Rich & Reputable will help you prioritize the things that actually matter to do that.
After all, you’re here for a good time and a long time, right?

Yes! I’m ready to become Rich & Reputable
Haul your cute butt over to Rich & Reputable

This is the only course you need if...

  • You want to attract and close more dream clients (duh)
  • You want to crank out tons of that binge-worthy, shareable, saveable, commentable, and — let’s not forget — profitable Instagram content that inspires people to slide into your DMs and ask how they can work with you
  • You want to be seen as the leader in your niche who everyone else turns to and hires
  • You want the thrill of easily creating and filling your programs because they’re finally in alignment with who you already are inside
  • You want sales you don’t have to chase after. You just get to lean back, be your highest-vibe, highest-serving self, and the money naturally follows
Everything you need to know to build a magnetic brand that has your dream clients saying...

OMG, I need to work with her!"

Originate Your Values-Driven, Magnetic Brand

What’s the number one mistake a gal makes when she’s building her business? She tries to scale without first building a rocksolid, magnetic foundation to scale on!

What puts the “O” in OMG is taking the time to craft a brand that’s unique to you, represents your values, and speaks right to your ideal clients soul. Your brand shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be a priority.

Make a Ripple Effect of Impact Through Your Platform

There’s more to growing your business than hopping on a livestream once in a while. You can’t treat your audience like a booty call, only showing up when you’re launching or in need of clients. That’s not a good look.

It’s time to show up and serve authentically, consistently, and intentionally. The “M” in OMG is about using your platform to impact your audience, because when your audience expands, the people around them expand, then the people around them expand. See the intense positive ripple effect happening here?

Grow & Scale Your Impact Through Authentic Sales

Even though making sales is a huge part of business, most entrepreneurs never take the time to learn this vital skill. What gives? I’ll tell you — they’re misunderstanding what sales really is.

Sales is about connecting with your dream clients, building real relationships, and helping them solve their problems. Sales isn’t something you chase after. It’s something that happens when you’re serving your clients at the highest value. It’s time to stop looking at people as numbers and start looking at them as PEOPLE. CLIENTS. FRIENDS.

Yes, I want more dream clients!

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The Rich & Reputable Curriculum

Module 1

Originate Your Values-Driven, Magnetic Brand

  • How to build an impactful foundation and magnetizing brand that creates a loyal, engaged, aligned community
  • Infusing your values and authenticity into your business so you can lead your mission
  • How to create your own signature framework and establish an integral, one-of-a-king online reputation
Module 2

Make a Ripple Effect of Impact With Your Platform

  • It’s not about showing up everywhere, but showing up in the right places for you and your goals. Learn how to choose your primary platforms and go all in on them
  • How to create original content that has your audience sharing your posts, tagging their friends, and bingeing your content for days
  • Becoming visible AF: how to get your content in front of the right people and use your platform for positive impact
Module 3

Grow & Scale Your Impact Through Authentic Sales

  • How to create a high converting funnel that doesn’t feel fakely automated or impersonal
  • Different approaches for selling different types of offers. How you sell a mastermind looks different from selling a digital course, so this lesson will walk you through all the differences!
  • The 4 types of decisions makers you’ll run into during sales conversation and how to empower them to make the best decision for them
  • How to have others sell on your behalf through referrals and affiliate marketing
  • Implementing an exceptional, seamless client experience that keeps your clients coming back for more 
Wait, you thought I was done?

I wouldn’t let you leave without your bonuses.

Guest experts

Exclusive workshop with Ashley Gordon to help you manifest 5-figure months

Templates galore

Time-saving sales email templates written by copywriter Lauren Vanessa Zink

Bonus Training

How to create an unique opt-in + welcome sequence to captivate & convert

And an important P.S.

If you thought Rich & Reputable was gonna be expensive — it’s not!

I wanted to make this program accessible to the coaches, course creators and service providers who really need it.

So this is one of the most cost effective ways to work with me to increase the heck outta your sales and attract more clients effortlessly.

Yes, I want more dream clients!

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I don’t like to be traditional

I especially don’t like to be traditional in my marketing.
  • Facebook ads? Sure, I use them. But if we’re being real, in the beginning, it felt like buying my audience — not connecting with them heart to heart.
  • DMing strangers on Instagram? I skip it. Doesn’t matter if there are a buncha business coaches out there saying this is how you get clients. It just feels icky to me.
  • Hopping on sales calls? Only if I need to. Usually, people are ready to buy from me without one.
  • Always hunting for the next sale? Nah. I’d rather authentically nurture the followers I have. In fact, 98% of my clients have bought from me 3 times or more.

I built a multi 6-figure business without marketing strategies that feel gross to me

When you focus on the framework I teach inside Rich & Reputable you can skip out on traditional marketing too.

So what’s gonna take place after you enroll?
  • Building a rock solid online reputation that entices dream clients to hire you the second they hear your name
  • Creating shareable, high value content that positions you as the expert your audience wants to buy from
  • Developing your own frameworks, curriculums and methodologies everyone else will wish they’d thought of first
  • Collaborating with other entrepreneurs so everyone wins (it’s a guaranteed way to grow your list)
  • Selling in a way that’s authentic and aligned with who you are at your core

I'm so in!

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