10 Reasons Why I Recommend Thrivecart To Everyone I know

  • It’s not a subscription software. You pay ONCE, you have access for life. This model is almost unheard of nowadays but is such a win for the customer.
  •  There’s so much functionality, we have replaced our full-length sales pages this year by designing longer form check out pages right inside Thrivecart. The checkout pages are gorgeous and there’s a lot of room to customize, add timers (both live+evergreen), and include order bumps. 
  • You can now can host your COURSES inside Thrivecart Learn.
  • You can easily build funnels right inside Thrivecart that gives you the option to bring someone to a one-click up-sell or down-sell, meaning after they’ve already bought your initial offer - they’d only have to click once to re-purchase rather than having to re-enter all their info. Makes it so easy.

  •  Unlimited carts. This is huge for us as with every other software we’ve had to upgrade to the maximum tier because of capacity. Create as many offers as you want, for life. 

  • You can split test products.

  •  It gives you a great dashboard of data.

  •  You can create bundles of existing offers.

  •  It integrates with literally everything.

  •  Have I mentioned you don't have to pay monthly for this software? Cause that still blows my mind.

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